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~ Winter Time ~

Purchase Three emailed patterns, get one free. Free pattern must be eqaul or lower in value to purchased patterns.

Don't purchase the free pattern. Email us your free choice. Mailed patterns not included in offer.

Shipping overages for mailed patterns will be refunded.

New Snow Angel And Dirty Flake Double Pattern Set. Two different bodies included. 20" tall

Not eligible to be a free pattern.

New! Super Cute Snow Santa Girl. Approx, 20" tall. Includes the outfit, hat pattern.

New! Kitty And Snowman Double Pattern Set. Instructions for standing with legs or a column both included. Can sit also. Cute Frosty print included. Not eligible to be a free pattern.

"Angel" ©2013 With Her Heart. Shes about 20" Tall when finished Includes Angel Doll Pattern, Wing, Heart, Dress Patterns. The Tag and Heart templates I used, very Detailed Instructions, Pictures.

Snow Fella ©2013 Sitting Snowman Doll Pattern.

Mrs. Heartly Valentine Girl Pattern, Out of stock. Being created into a PDF


Heart Make Do With Dove ©2013. Heart will be about 22" Tall with attached Dove not including the column you supply. You get The Heart , Dove Pattern, Copies of the Old Vintage Pictures that I used for the Original and Heart and Love tags, Instructions and pictures.

The Ice Queen ©2013 Includes Ice Queen Doll Pattern, Her flared sleeve Dress Pattern, Her Crown Pattern, Eye and Lip template with color chart, Snowball Instructions if youd like to take your hand at clay, Instructions, Detailed Pictures.

Sparkle N Frost Man ©2013 Pattern. Sparkle is about 30" Tall when finished. Sparkle & Frostman Patterns, Face Templates, Bodice pattern, instructions, antiquing.

Mailed Only

The Original Simplicity Angel Doll Pattern ©2014


Vintage Valentine Heart Pocket With Vintage Pictures ©2008-2013 Pattern. Not just for Valentines day. Pattern includes Heart Pattern ,Vintage Pictures That I used for the original tags and instructions, Pictures.

" Snowfolk " Doll Pattern ©2004-2013. This Darling Little Guy Is Adorable. Hes About 27" When Done...Doll, Clothing Patterns, and Instructions Included.

These Two Love Birds are Frostine and JackFrost ©2007-2013. You get Both Frostine and Jackfrost Doll Patterns, Clothing patterns for both, painting instructions, Instructions.

Mailed Only

Folk Art 30" Santa ©2008-2013. Features a Full round head. Basic sewing skills needed. Pattern consists of Folk Art Santa Pattern, His Gown, Hat Patterns, Eye, Face & Color Chart.

Vintage Santa ©2013 He Stands about 32" when finished. Santa Pattern comes with Santa Pattern, Gown, Hat, Stocking Patterns, Full Instructions, Pictures, Face Template.

Vintage Santa Orny Doll Pattern ©2007-2013. Santa Ornys Will be About 13" Long when finished. Pattern consists of Vintage Santa Orny Pattern, Hat Pattern, Instructions, Pictures.

Vintage Snowy Snowman ©2007-2013...He is Darling! Pattern Consists of Vintage Snowy Doll Pattern, Gown, Hat, Bag Pattern. Full Instructions, Pictures...Snowy will be about 32" Tall when finished.

Santa and His Goose! ©2013 Pattern. Pattern consists of Santa who is about 11" Tall when finished and his goose which is about 16" Long when finished, Santas Clothing, Pictures, Instructions.

Mailed Only

New! Old World Santa ©2014 Approx 21" Tall when finished. Includes the face template. Pants, Gown, Doll Pattern

Flake Man ©2013 Very prim Fella! Hes about 21" Tall when finished! Pattern complete with Full Face Template, Jacket Pattern, painting & Antiquing Methods Used On Him.

Please Note: This pattern uses legal size paper option to print. Or tape paper together to create the size 8.5 x 14" long.

Folk Art Snow ©2002-2014 Only Part of the compilation. You can find him on the Oldies Page. The scarey bunch

Mr. Frosty ©2003-2014 This is a Triple Snowman. He'll be about 28" tall when finished. Pattern includes The Triple snowman pattern, Hat pattern. Wire Arm Instructions. Legal size print option needed to print, tape paper together to create legal size for pattern pages. Or uncheck fit to and use letter size for smaller doll.

Triple Winter doll pattern Set. ©2008-2013. Included is Jackie Pumpkin Girl, Arthur Snowman and Fritzy the Cat...Arthur is 39" tall, Jackie is about 36" and Fritzy is about 32" tall when finished. You get each full pattern and clothing, pictures and Instructions.

Mailed Only

Pattern Party SnoFlake ©2013 Pattern Includes SnoFlake Doll Pattern, Cone Hat Template, Bodice Pattern, Dress Instructions. Facial Instructions. Detailed Instructions for everything I did to create her.

Snowfarkle ©2013 Snowman with his tree pattern. He'll be about 36" tall when finished. Pattern includes The Snowfarkle pattern, Hat, Boots, Tree, Nose, Outfit Patterns. Detailed Instructions, Pictures.

Mailed Only

The Dudes ©2013 One pattern makes both! Awesome little pattern too! Large paper.

Mailed Only

Nicholas Santa ©2013 Pattern Includes Nicholas Doll Pattern, Hat Template, OutfitPattern, Cone Instructions. Face Template. Instructions.

Mailed Only

Icecicle ©2013. She wears a sweet Jumper, has a stovepipe hat and is just darling when finished. Pattern includes complete outfit jumper pattern, Hat & Nose patterns and Icecicle round head doll pattern. Includes Pictures, painting method, Staining Method I used, Detailed Instructions. Eye Diagram and colors used.

Valentine Party Girl Doll Pattern Out of stock. Being created into PDF


Keeper of The Snow ©2013 Pattern. Approx 18" finished. Pattern includes Snowman Doll body pieces, and hat patterns. Detailed Instructions for the entire look and where to obtain the parts needed to make the sign which is fairly simple. Also the North Pole Text that you can print out is included.

©2017 Veenas Mercantile All Rights Reserved. Designated Doll Patterns, Designs, Finished Products, and Pictures are the property of the respective owner.

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