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New! Aunt Audry Doll Pattern. Instructions included to make her stand. Print included.

New! Vintage Rabbit Doll Pattern. Approx 19" tall when finished.

Scrappy Rabbit ©2015 Includes the print to print to her fabric. Standing only.

Chloe Pattern ©2014 Approx 20" tall when finished. Full Chloe Pattern, Dress bodice, pants patterns included.

Includes facial templates, instructions, great photos.

Original Design, Kim Kohler Peter Rabbit ©2006-2014 Approx 21" Tall. Prim Fabulous! Instructions and photos. Jacket (not shown) and boots patterns are included. Pants pattern not included.

Email PDF Legal sized paper 8 x 14 or taped paper to create size and legal size print option required.

Mr Rabbit Man Pattern ©2005 Approx 32" tall when finished. Jacket, shirt, pants, carrot patterns included. Instructions.

Snickerdy Rabbit © So so sweet this One! Shes A Round Headed Doll Pattern. Shell be about 26" Finished...Includes the Snickerdy Doll pattern with poseable ears pattern, her Basket with flowers pattern, Dress Pattern, Instructions, Pictures.

"Petals" / Easter Parade ©2008 Pattern was used for Reproduction Licensed Design For Bethany Lowe Designs Inc. Petals / Easter Parade Rabbit, Ear Pattern, Dress Bodice pattern, Banner tamplate. Face diagram and pictures. Instructions and painting method used.

Angel Dressed As A Rabbit ©2009 Pattern includes the Rabbit Angel Doll Pattern, wing, bodice, poseable ear patterns. Painting instructions, detailed eye chart. Instructions.

Original Jack The Rabbit ©2008 One Awsome Rabbit. Hes completly 3D He looks hard but hes actually fairly simple to do. Pattern contains Jack Rabbit Pattern, His Double Pocket Back Pack and Carrot patterns. Pictures, Instructions.

Rabbit Make Do ©2007 Pattern contains the Rabbit Make Do Pattern, Poseable Ear Pattern, Instructions, Pictures.

Mailed Only

Uncle Hare Make Do Doll Pattern ©2007. He is a One Piece Doll Body. Will Be About 18" When Finished. Pattern comes with Uncle Hare Doll Pattern, Ear Pattern, Clothing, Hat patterns, Flag Banner Template. Instructions, Pictures.

Mailed Only

Fabulous Harriet Rabbit Pattern ©2006 30" Tall when finished. Harriet pattern, basket, dress Bodice, Full Instructions, Pictures. Mailed, and available in file attachment not PDF email form. Email pattern requires legal sized paper, or taped together to create size, also requires legal size print format.

Ester Rabbit Doll Pattern ©2008 She'll be Approx, 30" when finished. Detailed pattern Includes Ester with full poseable ears Doll pattern, Dress pattern, Instructions and Painting Methods, Pictures.

Mailed Only

Primitive Shabby Abbigail Rabbit ©2005. She is Darling when finished! About 27" Tall when complete. Detailed pattern consists of Abbigail Doll Pattern, Ear, flower, Bodice Pattern, Skirt and pants instructions, Antiquing and full pattern instructions.

A Bunny Rabbit Basket ©2007. A Great Door Hanger! Will be about 21" Tall When finished with handle...Includes the Bunny, Basket and Flower Patterns, Painting instructions and full instructions, Pictures.

Mailed Only

Hannah & Mr. Hare ©2005 Sweet Rabbits!! You Get Both Full Rabbit Doll Patterns with ear patterns!

Mailed Only

Poem Rabbit Make Do Doll Pattern ©2008 30" Tall finished. Hes also awsome as a Shelf sitter, Bust without his legs! Poem Rabbit Doll Pattern, Printable Poem with aging instructions, Antiquing Methods, Pictures. Large paper pattern.

Mailed Only

New Abbie Rabbit ©2010 Pattern. Shes about 18" tall without her ears. Pattern includes Abbie Pattern, Her seperate head pattern, Poseable ear pattern, Dress bodice Patterns. Face diagram, Pictures Full detailed instructions.

Sideways Bunny Rabbit ©2015

Mz. Rabbit ©2009 Pattern. Shes about 22" tall finished. Pattern includes Mz. Rabbit, Poseable ear, Dress Patterns. Face diagram. Full detailed instructions. Rabbit container pattern not included.

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