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New Design!

New Chloe

Heart Pocket

Halloween Page
Clay Fabric Snowman

Americana Page
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Halloween Page
Head Witch, click to see more on her

Halloween Page
Clown Pumpkin

Halloween Page

Halloween Page
Vintage Pumpkin

Halloween Page
Ephemera Witch

Halloween Page

Winter Page

Winter Page
North Pole

Winter Page


Old World Santa PDF

Old World Santa Mailed

Halloween Page

Now A Reproduction Doll!

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A Merry Welcome To Veenas Mercantile

Artist Kim Kohler

~Here You Can Find My OOAK Finished Pieces And Patterns~


Veenas Skinny Flipper specially designed & machined by us

Made from metal to turn & stuff our skinniest arms and legs.

I personally use it and would not create without it!

Skinny Flipper In Stock 10.00

Please Note!

Our PDF emailed patterns are personally emailed to you.

They are not instant downloads.

They are sent the same day of purchase.

New! 20" Vintage Bunny Rabbit Pattern.

Includes very detailed complete pattern. Instructions etc.

Skinny Flipper tool recommended for this one.

Also includes detailed large photo. Mailed or PDF emailed

PDF emailed Pattern

Mailed Vintage Bunny Rabbit Pattern

New! Aunt Audrey Rabbit Doll Pattern.

Includes the print for her dress to print directly onto the fabric.

She can Sit, plus instructions for standing included.

PDF E pattern only. The print is JPG for beautiful prints.

The print can also be used for other things as well.

Aunt Audrey Plus Print E Pattern

New! Adorable Scrappy Rabbit Doll Pattern.

Includes the print for his body to print directly onto the fabric.

PDF E pattern only. The print is JPG for beautiful prints.

The print can also be used for other things as well.

Scrappy Plus Print E Pattern

Snow Girl Doll Pattern Available!

Mailed Only. Pattern includes the 21" doll, hat and clothing patterns,

fabric list I used. And of course all the detailed instructions.

Snow Girl Mailed Pattern

Snowflakes & Pumpkin Seeds Doll Pattern Available!

Includes Patterns for SnowFlakes N Pumpkin Seeds,

Two outfits & top hat pattern

SnowFlakes N Pumpkin Seeds Mailed Pattern

SnowFlakes N Pumpkin Seeds PDF Pattern

New Standing Nina Pumpkin © 2014 Pattern.

Doll, dress patterns, facial templates, photos.

Includes instructions for standing etc.

Mailed Nina Pumpkin Pattern

PDF Nina Pumpkin Pattern 12.00

Absolutely Gorgeous OOAK Large Wood Crate.

Designed with my original art. 11" long x 7" wide x 5" deep

Completely sealed. Distressed. Glass knob. Opens book style

Large OOAK Pumpkin Pie Filling Wood Crate

Instant Download Patterns & The OOAK's Now available in my Etsy shop

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New Halloween Banners In my Etsy shop... Click photo

OOAK Vintage Uncle Sam Sold

New Blair Pumpkin Doll Pattern Instant Download!!

( Click Photo )

New Adorable Snowman Fella Pattern 20" Instant Download

Click photo above for Instant Download Pattern or order below.

New Snowman Mailed Pattern

Snowman PDF Emailed Pattern

New Pattern Blair ©2013 left. Click Blair photo for more info

New Mr. Pumpkin Man Pattern Right.

Blair Pumpkin PDF Email

Blair Pumpkin Mailed Pattern

Mr. Pumpkin Man PDF Email

Mr. Pumpkin Man Mailed Pattern

~ * ~ * ~ Finished Oddities Now Available ~ * ~ * ~


Back At The PFATT Marketplace On Every 10th Of The Month

OOAK Original Art Wood Boxes

Click First Box Photo to see them on Etsy

See Winter Page For Snowman Stocking

OOAK Finished Osnaburg Stocking

20" long. Signed and dated. OOAK 30.00

Many other Halloween stockings on our Halloween Page also

Left Witch Stocking

Right Witch Hat Kitty Cat Stocking

Rabbit Stocking

Find The Stencils And Stocking Pattern Here


Beautifully Created Burlap Sacks

Created using our designed stencils.

Beautifully embellished. 17" with handle 16.00

17" Witch Rosette Sack

The Original! Sweet Hand Drawn 24" Simplicity Angel Pattern large paper

Instructions, photo's. Pattern is for personal use only.

Skinny flipper is recommended for this pattern.

Cannot be a free pattern choice.

Simplicity Pattern

My items on eBay

OOAK Goods

Some Patterns are not available for My Newest designs shown above. Unless specified In pattern form. I do not grant any permission to copy any of them. Thank You.

Warning!! Copyright ©2014 Veenas Mercantile All Are Rights Reserved.

Our Designs are Licensed for personal use by the purchaser only. The Patterns And The Stencil Designs may Not be duplicated for sale by any means! Nor may they be shared, copied, swapped via internet etc. The Pattern or Stencils and designs from Cannot be used to submit any finished product to wholesalers for reproduction, Or used to offer the finished product for sale in large quantity's. Pattern and stencils cannot be used to submit the finished product to any magazine or book company's.

You May offer the finished product from the pattern and stencil designs on your sites, Ebay, Etsy, Blog Etc. In small quantity's only.

There are no commercial sales of our patterns or stencils. We are the only authorized seller of our products.

Please see Terms for complete coverage on these topics.

International Shipping please email before any purchase, if you are a new customer!

Please Take Note: We Offer a Free Pattern for every 3 Mailed patterns purchased. They must be ordered at one time, and the free pattern must be of equal or lower in value to the purchased patterns. You must email us to let us know your Free pattern choice following your order of 3 mailed patterns.

We No Longer Offer Any Free Patterns On PDF Emailed Pattern Orders. All Patterns are sold final sale. No Refunds, or exchanges.

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Bethany Lowe Designs Inc.
Bethany Lowe signed reproductions in stock.


Toad Pattern ©2014

Not a free pattern choice

Toad PDF

Toad Mailed Pattern


Lil Me Witch PDF

Lil Me Mailed Pattern


Bewitched ©2014

Bewitched PDF Pattern

Bewitched Mailed Pattern


Felix Pattern ©2014

Felix PDF Pattern

Felix Mailed Pattern


The Laughing Pumpkin ©2014

Laughing Pumpkin Pattern

Laughing Pumpkin PDF Pattern


Harriet Rabbit (Click Photo)


Pansy Toadstinker ©2014

Pansy Toadstinker Pattern

Pansy Toadstinker PDF Pattern


Aunt Bee ©2014

Aunt Bee Mailed Pattern

Aunt Bee PDF Pattern



Mailed Le" Bunny Pattern

PDF Le" Bunny Pattern



Halloween Boo Witch


Boo Queen

Halloween Fritz



Pumpkin And More

Punkish Pumpkin

halloween Page

Lurka & Hedsra

Americana Page

Instant Download Patterns Now available in my Etsy shop

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